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Greetings to All - System Builder Here
Hello to all.

My name is James Cauchi and I am an aspiring 'system builder'. In other words I like to seek out problems and think up solutions (Death? Been there, done that, and failed. I'm a system builder not a neurosurgeon with deep pockets Cap'n!).

As a system builder I am as broad as a person can get and I am interested mainly in game design (especially game mechanics), product design and policy design also (I dabble).

I am very interested in getting involved in the local game development scene. If you are working on a game product then there is a good chance that interacting with me will lead to its improvement (especially if I get anywhere near as excited about the game as you are).

That is not to say that I know it all - I am looking forward to learn much from those willing to teach (I can potentially become a great team member).

In terms of my dynamic within a small team environment (4-8 members), if I am even half-enthused then you can expect me to be always thinking about ways to improve upon that which is - trying to foresee problems before they become a factor - and being committed in my participation.

In terms of my non-system-building skillset - main ones include heightened computer literacy (MSO, some html, some digital photo manipulation, a little bit of Blender (its been a while), you get the idea), fairly decent communication skills (which compliments my customer service skillset and background), and also some knowledge of physical/ human geography (BA). That being said I am far from being 'the full package' and I do hope to come across one or more persons with skillsets that truly round off and enhance my strengths.

I am also excited to see how thie community grows and matures within the context of the Maltese Islands. These are the early days of an exciting era.
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OK now I am feeling a little silly. Confused In any case, game on.
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